Maxime Joris et Thomas Vanbauce, the last French representatives still in the running in the men's qualifying table, were opposed to the solid pair Marco Cassetta (110) / Dylan Demian Cuello (166).

The locals put in a very good performance in the first round, before collapsing a bit in the second. The Tricolores will clearly have taken a morale hit when losing the first set.

The first round lasted almost an hour on the central court of Bordeaux P2. The locals Joris and Vanbauce, who were the first to break in this match, were used to win the first set. But unfortunately for them, they were taken over by the Italian-Argentinian pair and the set headed straight for a tie-break, just as fiercely contested. Despite a very good level of play Frenchies, this first round did not work out in their favor: 7/6 (5).

It's always difficult to get back up after losing such a tight set. This was felt by Vanbauce and Joris who had a lot more difficulty getting going at the start of the second act. From their first engagement of the second set, they conceded their service game...

The French, however, had four opportunities to get back on track, but failed to convert them. If Thomas and Maxime finally managed to find their best level in the second set, they will never have managed to come back to the score. In the end, they bow 6/3 in the second round.

There are therefore no more French people in the men's previa table. However, there are still three French women in the running today in these qualifications. Their meetings can be followed on Padel MagTV :

Gwenaelle Souyri

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