After Lucho Capra / Alex Chozas (TS8), a second seed packs his bags at Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2.

We have been saying it since the start of the competition: this Gironde P2 promises to be extremely open, and we have the proof with not one but already two seeded players who leave the competition as soon as they enter the men's competition.

This Wednesday, it was the young duo composed of Alex Arroyo and Edu Alonso who lost prematurely. In a 100% Spanish match, Edu and Alex suffered the law of Miguel Benitez and Alvaro Cepero. The Andalusians, from previous, prove that they clearly have their place in the main tables of the Premier Padel.

After having upset Paquito and Lebron at Mar Del Plata, the outsiders have pair number 6 of this Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 in just 1h18! Final score 6/4 6/2 for Miguel and Alvaro who will face Javi Martinez and Pincho Fernandez tomorrow in the round of XNUMX. Whatever happens, there will be a pair we didn't expect in the quarter-final at the Arkéa Arena!

To follow the rest of the matches in Gironde:

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