Marta Marrero and Aranzazu Osoro experienced their very first defeat together this Friday. The Argentinian and the Spaniard were unable to create a surprise against the 4th seed of this Premier Padel Bordeaux P2, Araujo / Riera.

After being completely overwhelmed in the first set, the brand new association created a real fight in the second set. But unfortunately Marrero would have needed a little more juice to allow his pair to come back to the score. Very targeted by her opponents, the 41-year-old player, who made his comeback after a year and a half of absence, finished the meeting exhausted.

However, this tournament remains a satisfaction for this duo who won two convincing victories against Orsi / Valenzuela and Saiz / Lobo. Above all, Marta showed that she had lost none of her talent. Now she will have to get back into the rhythm of high-level matches to be able to compete again with the best.

For their part, Araujo and Riera qualified for their second semi-final of the year, after that of the P2 in Puerto Cabello. Seba Nerone's players will find Marta Ortega and Veronica Virseda, who prevented the young Ustero and Alonso from qualifying for a third semi-final in a row (6/4 7/6).

In the other part of the table, we witnessed one of the matches of the tournament, with the victory of Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz against Castello / Jensen. A huge fight won by the veterans after a big remontada (5/7 6/4 6/3 in 3h04)! The Santiago P1 finalists now await their opponents in the semi-finals. It will be either Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez, for a remix of the final in Chile, or Lorena Rufo and Bea Caldera.

To follow the rest of the matches in Bordeaux, go to the channels of the Canal Plus group!

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