La final list of registrants au Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 does not only bring good news to the organizers: the men's Top 8 and the women's number 1 will not be making the trip to Gironde...

Big blow for P2 Bordeaux since the pairs Coello / Tapia (1), Galan / Chingotto (2), Lebron / Navarro (3) and Stupaczuk / Di Nenno (4) did not register for the competition. Among the girls, only numbers 1 Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria decided not to make the tournament. After three weeks in South America, the players have certainly decided to take a little rest. Even if it is regrettable, we can understand them, especially since P2 takes place just before the Rome Major, one of the four most important events of the season.

It's obviously annoying for the public but all is not lost! The women's draw promises to be exciting with the pair in the best shape of the moment, Brea / Gonzalez, who will be there and all the rest of the elite of the padel world, with notably Gemma Triay and the young Claudia Fernandez, who are chasing a first title together. We will also follow the expected return of Marta Marrero, who will his big debut with Aranzazu Osoro in Gironde.

For the men, it is a very open and atypical competition that will be played out, with on paper many pairs who can claim final victory. Will seeded 1 Bela / Tello be able to honor his status and leave with the trophy? It could in any case be the last trophy won by the legendary native of Pehuajo who will retire at the end of the season. A moment not to be missed!

On the French side, we see that many pairs are registered, and we are now waiting to know who will be entitled to the famous wild-cards.

You have understood, although it is obviously a shame that the men's world Top 8 and the women's number 1s will not go to the Arkéa Arena in two weeks, there will still be some very good things padel and world-class players among the girls of course but also among the men with Miguel Yanguas, Momo Gonzalez, Sanyo Gutiérrez…

Find the lists of registrants HERE.

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