Le Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 is approaching and for this first major tournament of the season in France, you are wondering who the French will be present.

As you will see in the updated lists below, the French players will be no less than sixteen to take part in the event!

Among the girls, we find as always Alix Colombon and Julieta Bidahorria in the main draw. Jessica ginier and Carla Toully will also be present in the famous checks, they who benefit from the wild-card awarded by the tournament.

En previous, we find the association formed by Léa Godallier and Charlotte Soubrié. French women can be satisfied with the absence of numbers 1 Josemaria and Sanchez, they who form the last pair to enter the qualifications!

Among boys, there are two wild-cards for the table which were offered to the French players. One of them is for number 1 Thomas Leygue, who will form an interesting team with the Italian-Argentinian Aris Patiniotis. The other is for the 100% tricolor duo Blanqué / Guichard.

In advance, two wild-cards were given to the French: one is for Maigret / Seurin, the other for Joris / Vanbauce. The duets Moreau / Bergeron et Scatena / Vives, present thanks to their points, bring to eleven the number of French people who will be able to tread the slopes of the Arkéa Arena among the men!

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