The provisional list of Genova P2 entrants reveals several new pairs on the circuit Premier Padel : Sanyo / Arroyo, Alonso / Chozas, Capra / Sanchez…

Once again, the “transfer window” comes to shake the planet padel ! Among the new pairs, we find an Alex Arroyo / Sanyo Gutiérrez pairing, which had been anticipated by many. With the overpowering Valencian, will Sanyo regain all his magic?

Arroyo's ex-partner, Edu Alonso, will form a new duo that is both young and dynamic with a certain Alex Chozas.

Chozas' former teammate, Lucho Capra, will form his fourth association with Maxi Sanchez! Clearly, these two players, who are very close friends in life, never let each other go!

Among the girls, we see that Nuria Rodriguez is registered with Carolina Orsi! On the French side, Carla Touly teams up with Lucia Perez (89).

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