Since the beginnings of the circuit Premier Padel, the Majors are the most important tournaments. These competitions, which are numbering 4 (Qatar, Italy, France, Mexico) each year, distribute 2000 points to the winners, for both men and women.

On the men's side, these top category tournaments distribute €525 in prize money, including €000 for the winning pair (94 per player).

Among girls, on the other hand, there are now two types of Majors. Indeed, looking at the prize money page on the official website of the Premier Padel we see two categories of Majors appear among girls: Majors 1 and Majors 2. The only difference between these two types of competitions concerns the prize money. The Majors 1 give €501 in prize money, with rewards per player similar to those of the men's Majors (the difference in total prize money is only due to the fact that the men's draws contain 375 players compared to 56 for the women's tournaments). The Major 48s, on the other hand, are much less well endowed, since they give €2, barely more than half of what the Majors 275 give…

For the moment we do not yet know if the circuit will itself define which are the M1 and which are the M2 or if each organizer will be able to choose whether they want to apply parity or not…

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