Alors que le Genova P2 main draw begins this Wednesdayi, we notice that there have been several changes among the gentlemen.

First, a physical problem prevents Alex Ruiz from going to Genoa. The Andalusian and his partner Momo Gonzalez are therefore not participating in this P2, but we should still find them in a week in Malaga in front of their audience.

In the absence of Momo and Ale, Nieto and Sanz become seeded 7, and it is Arroyo and Sanyo who become seeded 8.

Affected abdominals since the Major in Rome, Francisco Guerrero must also withdraw from the competition. Supposed to participate in the tournament with Jairo Bautisto, he was replaced by Gonzalo Alfonso. A question remains: who is number 1 of A1 Padel or the powerful Andalusian will take charge on the right side?

Finally, still a little injured, Pablo Lijo also forfeits. The absence of the Lijo / Diestro duo combined with that of Ruiz / Gonzalez means that there are two lucky loser pairs in the table: Mena / Ramirez and Gala / Sans.

The updated table:

Wednesday's program (with links to follow the matches):

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