The organizers of Premier Padel Genova P2 have certainly gone through all the emotions in recent weeks.

While players threatened to boycott the event and the specter of cancellation hung over this second Italian tournament of the season, we are witnessing a big change of scenery.

Indeed, not only will the tournament take place, but all the best pairs in the world will participate! While we now seemed to be heading towards an absence from the Top 4 in all P2s of the season, we are pleasantly surprised to see that the pairs Coello / Tapia, Chingotto / Galan, Stupaczuk / Di Nenno and Lebron / Navarro will be present in Genoa!

Among the girls, the best will also be there. We will follow the big return of the number 2 pair, Brea / Gonzalez, and the few new associations: Araujo / Ortega, Virseda / Salazar and Riera / Goenaga.

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