The blur had been hanging over the Premier Padel Genova P2, which, as Thomas Leygue told us, risked cancellation, but things seem to have evolved in the right direction for the circuit financed by QSI.

Indeed, when we take a look at the list of registrants, we notice that apart from the pairs Coello / Tapia, Galan / Chingotto and Lebron / Navarro, everyone is registered among the men, even Stupa and Di Nenno ! For the girls, Josemaria / Sanchez and Triay / Fernandez are there, but not Brea and Gonzalez!

We also see several new pairs appear like Sanyo / Arroyo and Capra / Sanchez (for the fourth time!) for the men or even Rodriguez / Orsi for the ladies!

There is until tomorrow 17:00 p.m. to register, so we should see new pairs appear in the list!

Those registered as of June 20:

Those registered as of June 20:

Seeing Stupa and Di Nenno registered, we notice that Miguel Lamperti was a little wrong, he who told us that the Top 4 pairs among men would no longer make the P2!

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