Tolito Aguirre seems to enjoy Premier Padel : when the A1 Padel relaxed, the Argentinian does not hesitate to take part in the tournaments of the official FIP circuit.

And after playing the P1 of Mar Del Plata with his usual teammate Gonzalo Alfonso, the Argentinian decided to go on a little Italian tour with Gonzalo Rubio. And despite the change of sides and the difference in intensity, the “extraterrestrial” is not doing too badly. After winning their first round against Ramirez / Hernandez, Tolito and Gonzalo ended up losing yesterday against Sanyo and Maxi, from whom they still almost took a set (6/2 7/6 (6)) .

The Italy Major finished, the Spanish-Argentinian pair prepares for the Genoa P2, where she will again debut in the main draw.

But in the meantime, Tolito will have to travel to Pontevedra next week, where he will play an A1 Padel Open with Gonzalo Alfonso!

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