As against Saiz / Lobo at P2 in Bordeaux, Jessica Ginier and Carla Touly lost in three sets for their entry into the competition atItaly Major.

And as in Gironde, the French won the first set before giving in to their opponents. This Monday, it was the 2 seed of the previas, Koek / Weterings who disposed of the two players who will represent France during the 2024 European Championships in a little over a month. Victory 6/7 6/2 6/3 for the Dutch who qualify for the second round and will face Candela Lucendo and Aitana Garcia tomorrow.

Following this defeat of Jessica and Carla, there are no longer any French players in the qualifications for this Italian Major.

We will have to wait for the start of the main draw to see other French women in the running, the pairs Collombon / Bidahorria and Godallier / Marchetti making their debut in the tournament respectively against the duos Alonso / Segura and Blanco / Vano.

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