Five men and four French players are participating in the Premier Padel Italy Major, which takes place from June 15 to 23, 2024 in Rome. Several good performances were noted at the end of this first day.

It goes for Leygue, Guichard and Blanqué, not for Moreau and Bergeron

Thomas Leygue recovered well from his elimination at P2 Girondin. Aligned with the Argentinian Ramiro Jesus Valenzuela, the double French champion dominated Marcos Cordoba (101) and Emiliano Martin Iriart (88), the 4th seed of the previas. They won the game in two sets (6/3, 7/6) and will play against Miguel Deus (155) and Jesus Moya (75) this Sunday.

The other feat of the day concerns Dylan Guichard et Bastien Blanqué, who had come close to the feat in Bordeaux. Opposed to Aitor Garcia (90) and Sergio Alba (91), the two men had a difficult start against the 3rd seed. They then showed their fangs and turned the match around, to the point of offering themselves a comeback full of anger (4/6, 6/1, 6/4). José Roman Martinez Sanchis (124) and Pablo Castillo Valverde (144) will be their next opponents.

On their side, Maxime Moreau et Johan Bergeron suffered against Ramirez Navas / Mena (TS2). The Spaniards (99 and 85), favorites of this meeting, quickly broke away by showing themselves more incisive. Despite a tighter second round, Moreau and Bergeron lost (6/2, 7/5) and hope to restart very soon.

Three games to come for the ladies

Two French women compete in the tournament qualifications: Carla Toully et Jessica Ginier The draw did not spoil them since they will challenge the Dutch Marcella Koek (81) and Stephanie Weterings (88), the women's 2nd seed.

In the final table, Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria will play against Lorena Alonso de Lera (71) and Raquel Segura Aguilar (78). Léa Godallier, she faces Alicia Blanco Rojo (67) and Lorena Vano Martin (56) in the company of Giorgia Marchetti.

All results of the event are available on the website of the FIP.

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