After winning their first two rounds in Italy, Léa Godallier and Giorgia Marchetti dreamed of creating a major feat this morning in Rome, but Claudia Fernandez and Gemma Triay did not offer them the slightest opportunity.

This match had everything of a David against Goliath with on one side a new pair and on the other the 2 seed of this Italy Major, which remains on two consecutive titles on Premier Padel.

But contrary to legend, it was Goliath who triumphed this Thursday, with a victory in two sets and just over an hour for the Spanish: 6/1 6/2.

Fernandez and Triay continue their good series and tomorrow they will meet the winners of the match between Riera / Araujo (TS6) and Guinart / Martinez.

For Giorgia and Léa it was a successful tournament which ended at the Foro Italico. We will find the Italian and the Frenchwoman together at P2 in Genoa.

The rest of the eighth in Rome:

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