As eyes begin to turn towards Betclic Premier Padel P2 of Bordeaux, the Italy Major, second tournament of the premier category of Premier Padel, reveals its final list of registrants.

Among the men, the little attraction is the presence of Tolito Aguirre. The star player of A1 Padel will play on the left side with Gonzalo Rubio. Thanks to the left-hander's points, the Argentinian will be able to start directly in the main draw. His usual teammate, however, Gonzalo Alfonso, who registered with Santi Rolla, finds himself on the waiting list and should not normally take part in the tournament. Same thing for the tricolor pair Seurin / Maigret and for the Franco-Italian duo Vives / Salandro…

Rest assured there will still be a few tricolors in this Italy Major among the men: the pairs Leygue / Valenzuela (ARG), Moreau / Bergeron and Blanqué / Guichard will be there in qualifying.

Among girls, following the injury to Tamara Icardo, Alejandra Salazar was forced to find a new partner. It is therefore with Carmen Goenaga that the former number 1 will be present in Rome. The two women will form the 7 seed.

On the French side, we will follow as always Alix Collombon who will be present in the main draw with Julieta Bidahorria, but also Léa Godallier, who forms the 26th pair with the Italian Marchetti.

In qualifying, we will see the Touly / Ginier duo at work, while the Invernon / Van Der Hoek (NLD) and Barsotti / Castro (PRT) duos find themselves respectively in 3rd and 8th position on the waiting list.

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