Watch the quarter-finals live Premier Padel Madrid P1, with all the best pairs on the circuit that are there.

These are therefore exceptional posters that await us today from 14:00 p.m. Judge instead:

  • 14 p.m.: Lima/Stupaczuk (00) vs. Ruiz/Gonzalez (4)
  • 16:00 p.m.: Di Nenno/Navarro (2) vs. Capra/Sanchez (8)
  • to follow: Lebron / Galan (1) vs Chingotto / Tello (5)
  • to follow: Gutiérrez / Tapia (3) vs Belasteguin / Coello (6)

As we said a while ago, the world's best pairs are particularly concentrated on the tournaments of the new official circuit of the FIP, and this for the greatest pleasure of the fans!

To follow the matches, it happens just here.

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