We have some already talked about a few days ago, details of the prize money for tournaments Premier Padel of the year 2024 is now public.

As you know, players earn a better living than in the past, and we can talk about remuneration more than correct for the gratin of the padel global, not to mention that it is the sponsors who bring the majority of revenue to the athletes.

But for players who fail to play leading roles, and even worse for those who fail to make it out of qualifying, sponsors become the only financial source. Indeed, as you will see below, only the last round of tournament previas Premier Padel distributes prize money to players!

CategoryTotal prize money (€)Prize money per player (€)
Men MAJOR525,00047,25023,62513,1258,5315,2502,9531,477820
MAJOR 2275,00024,75012,3756,8754,4692,7501,5041,117602

And even for those who manage to reach the last round of these qualifications, we see that the pre-tax amounts clearly do not allow them to pay travel expenses... These competitions are therefore clearly at a loss for all the players who do not manage to qualify for the main draw, and even more (a sixteenth of P2 gives €673 for women)... Under these conditions, a question remains for these second and third zone players:

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