The Lucky Losers José Gonzalez and Ignacio Vilariño made a very big surprise in Doha for the first day of the Premier Padel Qatar Major.

Beaten by Thomas Leygue and Ignacio Sager Nagel in the last round of the previas in a very big game, Ignacio Vilariño and José Gonzalez thought they were going home. But that was without counting on the package from Uri Botello and Pablo Lijo.

To compensate for the absence of these two players, those who are respectively numbers 104 and 116 were drawn among the losers of the last round of the previas. We therefore found them today in the first round of the main draw against Javi Leal (36) and Miguel Semmler (39).

Although not favourites, Gonzalez and Vilariño were able to better adapt to the outdoor conditions and offer themselves a prestigious victory (7/6 6/3) against two players from the top 40. Tomorrow, they will try to achieve a new feat against to seed 7, composed of Sanyo Gutiérrez and his nephew Agustin!

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