Thomas Leygue and Ignacio Sager Nagel defeated the number 1 seed in the previas of the Premier Padel Qatar Major 2022 and therefore enter the final table !

Opposed to Ignacio Vilarino (118) and José Luis González (105), Thomas Leygue and Ignacio Sager Nagel achieved a strong performance to dominate the top seed of the 1 qualifications of this first Major of Premier Padel. The Frenchman and his partner emerged victorious from a big clash lasting almost two hours: 6/7 6/4 7/6.

A success at the end of the suspense which allows them to enter the final table of this Qatar Major!

Note that Thomas is the only tricolor to come out of these qualifications. Indeed, the Bergeron/Vasquez, Mercadal/Scatena and Moreau/Kremnitzer pairs were all defeated this morning. Here are the results of the qualifying finals:

  • Gaspar/Rocafort beats Moreau/Kremnitzer 6/2 6/2
  • Leygue/Sager Nagel defeats Vilarino/González: 6/7 6/4 7/6
  • Fernandez/Pozo beats Bergeron/Vasquez: 6/3 4/6 6/3
  • Cattaneo/Sinicropi beats Sola/Rodriguez: 7/5 6/1
  • Martinez/Ortega beats Cassetta/Cremona: 6/2 6/2
  • Martin/Perez beats Lopes/Rodriguez: 6/4 7/6
  • Cardona/Rodriguez beats Andersson/Knutsson: 7/6 7/5
  • Capitani/Diaz defeats Mercadal/Scatena: 6/2 1/6 7/6

Photo credit : Facebook FIP

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