Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata managed to take a set from world number 1s Juan Lebron and Ale Galan at the Premier Padel Qatar Major. Unfortunately for all the fans who believed in the feat, they come up short one round away from what would have been an incredible performance.

For their entry into the running Premier Padel Qatar Major, we can say that Juan Lebron and Ale Galan have been cold picked by the Franco-Spanish pair Tison/Zapata. Teo and Benjamin, not impressed by the challenge, took their chance completely and were rewarded by winning the first set: 7/6. It's already a feat for these two players ranked respectively number 67 and 68 in the world ranking.

After an equally hooked start to the second set, Lebron and Galan unleash the horses, producing the game that took them to the top of the padel global. The slightest error by the outsiders is then paid for in cash and the players of Mariano Amat chain the games. Tison and Zapata are struggling to keep pace with the world champions who are surfing towards victory: 6/7 6/2 6/2. Tomorrow they will face Daniel Windahl and Cristian German Gutierrez, who created a little surprise by eliminating Edu Alonso and Jesus Moya: 6/4 6/3.

For Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata, it's a successful new tournament with a victory yesterday against a lower ranked but dangerous pair, Mena/Goenaga, and with a set taken against the world number 1 today. Obviously a first for a French player.

There is no doubt that the video of this match, which, let us remember, was broadcast live on beIN Sports, will allow them to measure all the work that remains to be done to try next time to do even better against this kind of team.

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