Our colleagues from Padel Intelligence (in collaboration with El4Set) today offers a very interesting statistic: that of the best smashers on the circuit.

And as you will see, the three men who perform the most winning smashes are simply the first three players in the ranking, in reverse order (524 for Galan, 444 for Tapia and 409 for Coello). Ale, who is currently at the top of his game, takes full advantage of Chingotto's work, which leaves him plenty of room to conclude. For their part, Agustin and Arturo, left-handed and right-handed respectively, must no longer share the winning smashes.

It is in any case quite logical to find the first three players in the FIP ranking at the top in the number of winning smashes when we know that the Galan / Chingotto and Tapia / Coello pairs are those who play the most matches, and those who are the strongest as well. And obviously, Ale, Arturo and Agustin have always been very big smashers.

Be careful however, if we talk about efficiency, we still find the Galan / Tapia duo in the lead, but behind there are two players ahead of Arturo Coello (56%): Alex Arroyo and Javi Garrido (59% for both) .

We also understand that young players like Leal, Augsburger, Cardona or Sager, despite their phenomenal smash power and their impressive ability to generate winning shots, have not played enough matches to be able to enter the rankings.

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