It's a big blow for fans of padel French: it will not be possible to follow the quarters, semis and finals of the Premier Padel Riyadh P1 from France.

Indeed, as we told you previously, the 2024 season starts this Tuesday March 5 at Canal Plus. The encrypted channel, which will begin live broadcasts during the Qatar Major, will therefore not broadcast the Riyadh P1 Live. You will still be able to see rebroadcasts of the Saudi tournament from next week in “Soir de padel”, the new show which will be followed every Tuesday evening on Canal Plus Sport 360.

For those who still thought they could follow the quarters, semis and finals on YouTube, this will not be possible either since Canal Plus has the rights to these matches for France, the channel of Premier Padel is blocked in France from the quarters onwards… It is also not possible to follow the matches on Red Bull TV from our territory…

You understood, the quarters, semis and finals of the Premier Padel Riyadh P1 will not be visible live in France. All the more reason to have a big day padel this Wednesday and enjoy the beautiful posters of the eighth grade!

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