It took almost three hours of an intense fight for the 7th seed of the Premier Padel Seville P2, Araujo / Riera, to defeat Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria in the round of 16.

Not favorites in this match against two players ranked respectively number 9 and 12, Alix and Julieta started the match as if they had nothing to lose, and it worked very well. Thanks to a quick 3/0, the Lyonnaise and her partner took control in this match and won the first set 6/3.

The second round would see the favorites fully enter the match. More inspired and consistent, Araujo and Riera began to take the measure of their opponents. Not enough to disturb the Lyonnaise and her teammate who did not slow down. The two pairs would therefore decide between themselves in a decisive game, started perfectly by Alix and Julieta who took the service of their opponents from the start and seemed in full confidence. But unfortunately for them, big mistakes on their part would allow the Spanish-Portuguese pair to pick up the score in this match: 7/6 (2).

As is often the case in such a situation, the favorites fell behind, Collombon and Bidahorria never really recovering from not being able to finish the job in the second set... Seba Nerone's players won 3/6 7 /6 6/1 and qualify for the quarters, where they will meet tomorrow Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez (TS2), who dominated Alonso / Ustero in two sets (6/3 7/5).

For their part, the Franco-Argentinian pair, who until then had never scored more than two games against a top seed, will inevitably be disappointed with the final result, but they will still be able to be satisfied with this clear improvement. An infuriating defeat, but encouraging for the rest of the season!

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