Delfina Brea and Beatriz Gonzalez are crowned queens of Seville. The “Superpibas” played against Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria (6/1 – 6/1).

A one-sided first set

Following their fantastic comeback in the semi-final, Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez had fangs. And it was evident from the start with a perfect start, facing a Sanchez/Josemaria duo who were quickly overwhelmed. More aggressive, more precise than their opponents, Brea and Gonzalez broke away from the first balls. They made their qualities speak for themselves: enthusiasm, regularity, and offensive efficiency much greater than that of their rivals. Ariana Sanchez had a very difficult set, increasing the number of unforced errors (22 in total with her partner).

A burst of pride before the demonstration

When they returned from the benches, the two Spaniards wanted to show a more conquering face, by pocketing the first game. But it was definitely not their day. Paula Josemaria also gave up, and the world number 1s became unrecognizable. The Spanish-Argentinian pair did not need to exert their talent to triumph in 72 minutes, under the La Cartuja sun. Delfi and Bea won their 15th consecutive victory, synonymous with their third title of the season.

They will try to continue their crazy series next week, during the P2 from Asunción to Paraguay (May 13-19).

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