And two for Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto! After their triumph in Belgium, the duo did it again against Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno (7/6 (6) – 6/4), at Seville.

Two players above the rest

From the start of the match, Fede Chingotto and Martin Di Nenno, the two players on the right, showed themselves to be the most energetic. Sparkling in defense, the two sidekicks made up for the errors of their respective partners. A scenario which therefore led to a very tight first act. Galan and Chingotto, however, had the last word (8-6 in the tie-break).

Fede Chingotto Seville

A remake of Puerto Cabello

When they returned from the benches, the four men put on a magnificent show for the La Cartuja audience. Alejandro Galan and Franco Stupaczuk, more discreet in the first set, raised their level of play. But it was the “Superpibes” who ended up cracking, conceding a total of 26 unforced errors. More diligent and more surgical on their smashes (16/25), Galan and Chingotto won in two sets, like in Venezuela. They deprive the Argentinians of a first cup and achieve a second success in a row.

So, never two without three? Come to Asunción, from May 13 to 19, to experience the Paraguayan P2.

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