It is the first seed to take the door in Andalusia. Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Tello suffered the law of Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga in the round of 16 of the Premier Padel Seville P2. The Argentines can blame themselves because they harvested so much during this match...

Surprisingly very comfortable for their first official match together yesterday, Bela and Tello showed a completely different face this Thursday. However, the 5th seed had many opportunities in this meeting, but it too often lacked precision, as in this tie-break of the first set which was completely unsuccessful and ultimately won seven points to zero by a Zapata and a Goenaga all in master's degree.

In the second round, the two pairs continued to go blow for blow but this time it was the favorites who were the strongest in the heated moments (7/5). With a set on each side, we thought that the new Argentinian duo would bring their experience to bear in the last act but that was not the case.

Too imprecise, Miguel Sciorilli's players did not have what was needed today to get the better of a very well established and much more consistent pair. More deserving throughout the match, Teo and Enrique logically won 7/6 (0) 5/7 6/3 and qualified for their first quarter-final together.

Tomorrow, they will try to continue their great Sevillian adventure against the winners of the match between Stupa / Di Nenno (TS4) and Alonso / Arroyo, a match to follow live just here !

For their part, Bela and Tello finish a first tournament during which they alternate between the good and the less good. We will see in Asunción if the two friends manage to regain some consistency.

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