Finally, the round of 16 between Belasteguin / Tello and Belluati / Lamperti only resumed for two short games...

It's never easy to finish work after a rain interruption, a new warm-up... But in the greatest calm, Bela and “El Gato” resumed their march forward. And after seeing their opponents barely win their engagement, they calmly concluded immediately on the service of the native of Pehuajo. As a symbol, it was a forehand volley from the “Boss” which closed the debates on Track 2 of this Sevilla P2.

Clearly, Juan Cruz Belluati and Miguel Lamperti did not have the weapons to upset the plans of the 5 seed today. And the interruption didn't change anything. Annoyed by less than optimal external conditions (wind, humidity), the Brussels P2 quarter-finalists looked like they were having bad days this Wednesday. Unable to enter the fight, they let the new pair claim a first clear victory. The shock expected by the many fans who came on May 1st will therefore not have taken place...

Final score 6/2 6/3 for Fernando and Juan who already show great complementarity. Returning from a calf injury, Bela looked in top form. Furthermore, the Argentinian was very comfortable on the right side, dominating his diagonal with the always unpredictable Belluati. This bodes well for the future.

Tomorrow, it is against Enrique Goenaga and Teo Zapata that the Argentines will try to secure a place in the quarter-finals.

In the meantime, follow the rest of the matches in Andalusia:

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