It's finally Friday, and who says Friday says quarter-finals on the Premier Padel. Meet from 10:00 a.m. at La Cartuja for the Sevilla P2 quarterfinals!

Among the girls, we find the eight best pairs qualified for the quarter-finals, spectators will therefore be able to see the elite of the padel world at work this Friday. On paper, the most undecided match is the one between Icardo / Salazar (TS4) and Castello / Jensen (TS6).

Among the men, we were not far from also being entitled to the “roller coaster” but Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga came to play spoilsport in eliminating Bela and Tello. The Spaniards will have the difficult task of facing Stupa and Di Nenno today.

The fans will inevitably appreciate the 100% Andalusian match Lebron / Paquito vs Ruiz / Gonzalez, and will obviously encourage the other “local” pair, Garrido / Yanguas, who will rub shoulders with number 1 Coello and Tapia.

A beautiful day of padel which is coming, as you can see with the program below:

To follow the matches, go to the YouTube channel of Premier Padel.

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