This time, it's the right one for Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno! The “Superpibes” oust Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron (7/5, 3/6, 6/3) and qualify for their first final of the season.

The curse is lifted

The Argentinean glass ceiling is now an ancient story. After four consecutive semi-finals (Riyadh, Doha, Acapulco, Puerto Cabello) and an elimination in the quarter-finals in Brussels, the pair (finally) managed to pass the fateful milestone. They will try to win in Seville their first trophy of 2024.

1 hour 45 minutes of wrestling in La Cartuja

This men's semi-final got off to a flying start, and under the pressure of what was at stake, the first tensions quickly appeared. Juan LeBron and the referee argued… from the first game, the Spaniard accusing him of a non-existent fault. " She was good ! You’re wrong,” he got angry.

After a very tight first set, pocketed by Stupaczuk/Di Nenno, the two Spaniards started the second set perfectly. Aggression, inspiration, and a scathing 3-0 which put them into orbit from the restart. Navarro gained momentum, Lebron knew how to channel himself, and the two South Americans began to suffer.

Except that in the third set, the “Superpibes” showed their cohesion. More regular and sharper on the fly, the two friends finally gained the upper hand over their rivals. Franco Stupaczuk (31 winning points, match record) finished with a bang.

The winners of the day will face, tomorrow, the winners of the Coello/Tapia – Chingotto/Galan duel.

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