Our colleagues from Padelmetrics analyzed the average number of points per match over the first five tournaments of the season on the Premier Padel for both men and women. And the trend shows that gentlemen play more points than ladies. We are trying to understand why.

We already talked about it recently, the women's matches have sometimes tends to drag on, so much so that some even propose measures to try to limit the duration of these meetings.

And yet, statistics show us that women play fewer points than men on average! For what ? In our opinion, the answer simply lies in the fact that the men's circuit is more homogeneous than its women's counterpart.

Indeed, we see many more high scores among the ladies than among the men, and generally speaking the number of competitors is greater on the men's side. We can see this quite easily by taking a look at the ranking: the 100th in the world has 506 points while the 100th in the world has 224!

For 200th place, it is even more obvious with 94 points against 27!

As you have understood, it is more difficult to make a career in padel for men than for women, the levels are tighter and it is therefore necessary to play more games (and therefore points) to win a match on average. This explains why girls play fewer points despite generally playing longer matches!

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