It seems to work well between Bastien Blanqué and Pablo Acevedo. Indeed, the Franco-Mexican pair will play tomorrow to enter the previas of the WPT Brussels Open!

Opposed to Carl Knutsson (208) and Ricardo Martinez (87), Bastien Blanqué and Pablo Acevedo had a very big match to get out in two sets: 6/3 6/2.

Thanks to this success, Bastien and Pablo will play their place tomorrow morning, and it's a very big game that awaits them against Mouliaa (81) and Vilariño (113), two players used to these meetings!

Note that the Toulousain is now the only tricolor still in the running in these previas, Thomas Leygue and Johan Bergeron having undergone the law of Boris Castro García (104) and Pol Hernández (139): 6/4 6/4.

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