Second day of competition of this World Padel Tour French Human Padel Open in Toulouse and the survivors of yesterday start their 1/8th final during these pre-previas.

In the men

For the first rotation of the preprevias finals of this Monday morning, we find the following posters:

  • Field 1: Vera (101st) / Garcia (92nd) vs Prado (126th) / Gonzalez (167th)
  • Field 2: Cardona (121st) / Benitez (86th) vs Insa (122nd) / Closa (346th)
  • Field 4: Antolin (135th) / Rodriguez (150th) vs Gomez (114th) / Piotto (95th)
  • Field 5: Suescun (96th) / Chamero (126th) vs Navarro (193rd) / Medina (207th)

The second round will be held immediately after 10 hours.

  • Garcia (91st) / Bautista (87th) vs Cuesta (172nd) / Coello (256th)
  • Vera (200th) / Fazendeiro (139th) vs Rodriguez (111th) / Yribarren (85th)
  • Gil (100ze) / Melendez (94th) vs. Ronco (118th) / Huete (111th)
  • Gonzalez (119th) / J. Alfaro (98th) vs Aliaga (115th) / Guerrero (120th)

In the ladies

It's the big start of the competition for the French women who enter the race as soon as 11 hours.

  • Field 1: Fiona Ligi (WC) / Laura Clergue (WC) vs Lucía Pérez Parra (86th) / Lorena Vano (95th)
  • Field 2: Martin Mélissa (WC) Detriviere Amélie (WC) vs Cristina González (111th) / Margarida Fernandes (103rd)
  • Field 5: Lucile Pothier (WC) / Jessica Ginier Barbier (WC) – Carlotta Casali (69th) / Marina Pinacho (80th)

We remind you that you can follow all the matches on the Youtube page of Padel Magazine

Sebastien Carrasco

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