Hard day at World Padel Tour Reus Open, where the French were all defeated today in the preprevias phase.

Bergeron/Vasquez: the tournaments follow each other…and are not alike…

Johan Bergeron and Simon Vasquez had produced a very big performance in the qualifying phase for the Miami Padel Open. Winners of 5 consecutive matches, they only lost to Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata in the previa final.

In Reus, the French and the Swede had a lot more trouble, with a defeat in the first round of the pre-previas against Daniel Bressel (133) and Luis Ortega (155): 7/6 6/4.

As the French champion says, it is simply a poor performance as sometimes happens:

“There are days without. Too many mistakes today to hope for better than a 7/6 6/4 defeat in previa. Sorry my Simon Vasquez for the level of play in the second. We will come back stronger.”

A match won for Blanqué/Bueno and Leygue/Sager Nagel

The Blanqué/Bueno and Leygue/Sager Nagel pairs had a round this morning in Barcelona, ​​before losing this afternoon in the second round of the pre-previas.

Blanqué and Bueno fell 6/1 6/4 to Aliaga (135)/Guerrero (165) while Leygue and Sager Nagel were outplayed by Garcia (89)/Vera (93), 6/4 6/3.

There are therefore no longer any French in these pre-previas. We will have to wait until 17:00 p.m. tomorrow to see Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata start their tournament against Toni Bueno (76) and Marc Quilez (73).

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