Pierre Lamoure, the "French" exiled in Spain, professor and technical manager of padel Vals Axarquia club in Torre del Mar, launches its column padel “Technical and tactical”.

Regularly find articles and videos on how to play padel thanks to Pierre Lamoure.

Pierre Lamoure and the padel ?

"a love story that began more than 10 years ago".

Individually, he became the 2014 Master Veterans of Andalusia Champion. He is also the winner of 22 2nde category tournaments.

As a team, finalist in the 2 Andalusia 2014nd division championship, Veterans champion of Andalusia and the province of Malaga in 2014, 3rd in the 2015 Spanish Veterans Championship, etc.

The former boarder of "little aces"

In 1983, he was already starting to make a name for himself by participating in the “Petits As”. 45-year-old Pierre Lamoure has a great history in tennis, having also won 25 tournaments in the 2nd series.

Technical analysis of padel

A fine tactician, Pierre Lamoure organizes intensive courses for players in Andalusia and uses modern applications in particular to study all the shots of the padel (Dartfish Express app)

Presentation of the program

Before going any further in the tactical analysis, Pierre Lamoure tackles the base of the padel :

The basics
Defense :Turn after a double wall
Turn after the back wall
Parallel output of the wall
Central outlet of the wall
Side wall
Half stolen
The lobs
The contra pared
Use the side wall
AttackRight forehand / backhand volley
Smatch bandeja
Smatch vivora
Smatch flat and by 4
Smatch lifted and by 3
Pierre Lamouré

Pierre Lamouré is one of the technical pillars of Padel Magazine. The founder of Upadel.net, regularly offers you technical and tactical topics around padel. A question ? A demand ? do not hesitate to contact him at pierrelamoure @padelmagazine.fr