At the end of a one-week training camp in Palavas, the young players of the French boys padel team achieved good results in the senior tournaments in the South-East.

After an intensive week of training in Tennis Padel Club de Palavas, the young hopes of the tricolor padel have switched to the various senior tournaments that were held in the region.

In the absence of tournaments for their age group, boys have not been spared in the face of much older and more physically mature players. But in view of the adversity (the best adult players in the sector were on the front lines), we can say that they had encouraging results which point to great prospects for the future.

Ethan Garry (U16) won 6th place at P250 at WinWin Padel Nîmes under the coaching of his trainer Yannick Maurel with whom he was a team.

A tournament in which Arthaud Dumoulin (U16) et Manuel Lorenzo (U18) managed to reach the 1/2 finals, finishing in third place. The two youngsters had already achieved the same result at P250 Sète.

François Rajnic (U16) reached the P250 final in Thézan-lès-Béziers. He was associated with Florian Guiral ((one of the best local players who encourages the development of padel among young people by serving as their guide in competition)

The youngest of the teams, made up of Timéo Fonteny (U14) that Yoann Boronad (U14), held high for several senior teams, impressed with so much talent at this age.

Some went on to cross the Pyrenees to follow another course near Barcelona. A motivated and competitive youth: very good omen for the future!

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