QSI and FIP are associated Premier Padel

Premier Padel upset the chessboard padel professional for 6 months with the setting up of exceptional events, a prize money multiplied by 5 and an assumed international ambition.

Qatar Sport Investment and International Federation of Padel call themselves partners on the professional circuit of padel Premier Padel.

The FIP has unquestionably made a U-turn in its relations with the World Padel Tour during the second half of 2021. Today she criticizes it. The players' association padel professional as well.

In unison, these two organizations are pushing to see Premier Padel take the lead like the professional circuit of padel of reference and denounce the practices of World Padel Tour.

We will try to understand the organization of this new circuit.

Premier Padel LLC: a private structure

Part of the information can be found on the official Qatari government website “Qatar financial center“. The elements are very clear on this partnership between QSI and the FIP. They are now partners on Premier Padel.

Premier Padel LLC is domiciled in Qatar and not in Lausanne in Switzerland like the FIP. 

Premier Padel is a private entity with a capital of QAR100,000.00 or approximately €25.000.

5 members including Luigi Carraro

The members of the board of Premier Padel :

  • Mr Ziad Hage Hammoud
  • Mr. Yousif Mohammed HA Al Obaidli
  • Mr Nasser Ghanim A Al Khelaifi
  • Mr Luigi Carraro
  • Mr Diego Miguel Miller Vidal

The President of the FIP, Luigi Carraro, is therefore a member of the board of Premier Padel, as does the president of QSI, Nasser al-Khelaïfi.

We will recognize Diego Miller, the President of the Uruguayan Federation of padel and right arm of Luigi Carraro within the FIP.

What to think of it?

Difficult to know if all this is legal or not.

  • Is all this normal?
  • Can members of the FIP also be members of a private circuit?
  • Are these precisely the reasons that prompted the FIP to take a stand against the World Padel Tour so suddenly at the end of 2021?

The other question we legitimately ask ourselves: isn't there a conflict of interest?

Because some players, actors of the padel, do not understand why the FIP is exclusive for the moment and does not accept to welcome other circuits circuits under its bosom. Is it because FIP has much more than commercial relations with QSI?

Inevitably, we question ourselves even if we imagine that there is a logic.

The document is completely official and does not suffer from any ambiguity.

Therefore, during the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, we will try to interview the President of the International Federation to find out more about the relationship between Premier Padel, QSI and FIP.

Published by
Franck Binisti