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When Paquito “room” Alejandro Galan

Waking up must have been particularly complicated this morning for Alejandro Galan and his partner Juan Lebron. They didn't have the Saturday evening they were hoping for in Amsterdam. In a completely crazy match, facing superpibes supercharged, the former world number ones, who we nevertheless saw returning to the best level, ran into an Argentinian wall.

Ale Galan and Juan Lebron communicated very quickly after this final, congratulating Stupaczuk and Di Nenno for their performance. In his post, Ale Galan added one thing: “Tough defeat against @mdinenno and @francohs22 who gave me the only 6/0 I remember in my professional career.”

This post, although innocuous at first glance, made another finalist of this Amsterdam Open react: Paquito Navarro. In fact, he responded with a lot of irony: “welcome to the club”.

As a reminder, Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto suffered the same fate as Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron at the Madrid Masters. Paquito even went under the net – which you must do when you take a 6-0 – before going to shake hands with his opponents.

Well, Galan and Lebron may not have gone under the net at the end of the game, but nonetheless, they are new victims of the Argentine hurricane!

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Gwenaelle Souyri