This Wednesday evening, the French tournament ended at the Arkéa Arena with the defeat of Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria. The “French day” ended in four lost matches for the French delegation.

Only one victory...

In the end, despite the presence of sixteen members in Gironde, the French delegation only won one match during this Betclic Bordeaux P2. This match is the victory of Thomas Vanbauce and Maxime Joris against Dorian De Meyer and Miguel Gonzalez in the first round of previa…

Maxime and Thomas at P2

In other words, only one victory, in the first round of qualifying, what's more facing a Frenchman who should not have participated in the competition originally (and his partner for the occasion, the Spaniard Miguel Gonzalez): the balance sheet could not have been worse.

Favorites of no meeting, the French players, although pushed by the Bordeaux public, could they really do better? You will see that despite this unflattering assessment, reasons for satisfaction remain.

Reasons for satisfaction

Indeed, if we analyze the matches in detail, we see that several French pairs showed interesting things in this P2. We first think of Jessica Ginier and Carla Touly, who lost in the third set tie-break against Sofia Saiz and Marina Lobo, two Top 50 players!

Bastien Blanqué and Dylan Guichard also managed to take a set from members of the Top 50, Miguel Lamperti and Juan Cruz Belluati.

Léa Godallier, returning from maternity leave, and Charlotte Soubrié, who is not used to tournaments at this level, won a round against two players from the Top 70, Sara Pujals and Giorgia Marchetti.

After conceding a 6/0 in the first set, Thomas Leygue and his teammate, the Italian-Argentinian Aris Patiniotis, put up a good battle in a second act lost in the tie-break against Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sanchez…

For the others it is obviously more complicated, each time with defeats in two sets, sometimes quick, like Barsotti / Fernandez against Aguilar / Manquillo (6/1 6/1 in 44 minutes) or Moreau / Bergeron against Geens / Mercadal (6/3 6/2 in 1h07).

Appointments are made

In the end, there is a reason if only two members of the French delegation, Alix Collombon and Léa Godallier (before her maternity break), have been part of the Top 50 for several years. The other players are progressing and sometimes managing to secure better pairs but the step is still a little high for them on the Premier Padel. Competitions like these are in any case an excellent opportunity to measure themselves against players they would almost never face on the FIP Tour and to identify areas for improvement. We had already noticed this during the previous two years at Roland-Garros.

We will see in three months if the players from France manage to create some surprises during the third edition of the Paris Premier Padel Major. But before that, we will follow those who will be selected to represent France at the 2024 European Championships in Cagliari, in just over a month!

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