Are you wondering how much the best players make? padel of the world ? Difficult to say, because the majority of athletes' income is based on sponsorship contracts. On the other hand, we know very well how much the players won in prize money since these figures are public.

Our colleagues from Padel Review have done the math and here is what comes out after the first nine tournaments of the season (1 Major, 4 P1 and 4 P2).

We note of course that for the best, these figures are entirely acceptable, even if it is necessary to deduct a good part of taxes and deduct the costs corresponding to travel, to the various coaches... On the other hand we also understand that even for players who are in the Top 10, it would be almost impossible to get by without the sponsors…

As you can also see, there is still a certain difference between men and women but we can say that it is not that significant if we compare with other sports.

And you, what do you think of these figures?

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