Overview of the palas of the Nox 2021 range to help you find the models most suited to your playing style!

For 2021, Nox offers a colossal range of rackets, which consists of 28 references! There are 5 series (Luxury, WPT, Pro, Casual, and Ultralight).

All Luxury, WPT, and Pro series rackets (except the ML10 Pro Cup Silver) weigh between 360 and 375g!

Luxury Series

These are the brand's top-of-the-range rackets, they incorporate the best technologies available. The finishes are neat, including AVS anti-vibrators and a padded wrist strap, always very comfortable!

AT10 Genius Arena

Nox AT10 GENIUS ARENA Official 2021

Still in the shape of a drop of water, and with its combination of HR3 foam and 12k carbon on the faces, the new Agustin Tapia pala differs from the previous version by the presence of a rough coating containing silica. This will bring you even more roughness, for incredible effects! A very pleasant pala, which has won over Stéphane Penso !

AT10 Genius

Pala Nox Padel AT10 Genius Luxury

For those who prefer the durability of 3D printing, the AT 10 Genius is still made by Nox. A racket that has conquered more than one thanks to its versatility!

ML10 Bahia

Nox ML10 BAHIA Official 2021

This is the new ultra-versatile pala from Miguel Lamperti. In the shape of a drop of water, it uses the same materials as Agustin Tapia's palas (HR3 foam and 12k carbon on the sides), but with a different mold, for a little more weight in mind! Here again, Stéphane Penso was not insensitive to the charm of this ML10 Bahia!

ML10 Shotgun

Nox ML10 SHOT GUN Official 2021

The ML10 Shotgun is equipped with exactly the same technologies, only its shape changes. In the shape of a diamond, it will therefore have more weight in mind, which will give it extra power!

ML10 Perto

Nox ML10 PERTO Official 2021

The ML10 Perto is the round version of the two palas above. This time, less weight in mind, which will appeal to those looking for more control and maneuverability!


Nox MJ10 Official 2021

This is Majo Alayeto's very first signature racquet from Nox. For this aggressive left-wing player, we logically find a diamond-shaped pala, with rough 12k carbon on the sides, for more power and spin. The new Multi Black Eva foam gives you great ball output.


Nox MP10 Official 2021

For Mapi, Majo's twin sister, Nox produced a round shaped pala, very manoeuvrable, without forgetting the power with the HR3 foam / 3k carbon combination. In the end, we end up with a perfect pala for this offensive right-wing player!

Titanium Carbon 18K

Nox TITANIUM CARBON 18K Official 2021

Certainly the most focused attack pala in the Luxury range, the Nox Titanium Carbon 18k, in the shape of a diamond, is equipped, as its name suggests, with 18k carbon on the faces, for maximum power. No rough coating in the program, which will allow you to give maximum speed to your balls!

Titanium Carbon 3K

This is the little sister of the pala above. Also diamond-shaped, it features rough 3k carbon on its faces, for a little more spin and control, at the expense of a little bit of ball speed!

WPT Series

This year again, Nox is the official racquet of the World Padel Tour. On the program, 6 palas with meticulous finishes, with, as for the Luxury range, the presence of a padded wrist strap on all models!

WPT official Rackets

These are the 3 official rackets of the World Padel Tour. Very high-end rackets, with several anti-vibrators in the frame, and which use the latest technologies of the brand!

Nerbo WPT Official Racket


It is the most aggressive pala of the WPT range and one of the most powerful of the brand! Diamond shape, rough 18k carbon, and Multi Black Eva foam, for a clever mix of power and ball output that will delight smashers once again!

Tempo WPT Official Racket

Nox TEMPO WPT Official 2021

You were familiar with the Tempo WPT 2020. The new 2021 version retains the mold of the previous year, as does the rough 12k carbon on the faces. The novelty is the Multi Black Eva foam, which will bring a little more punch to this versatile and comfortable racquet!

Nexo WPT Official Racket

Nox NEXO WPT Official 2021

This is the newcomer to the WPT range. It uses the technologies of the Tempo, in a round version, more manageable!

Advance WPT Series

4 palas for a less expert audience, with neat finishes, and still stamped World Padel Tour.

WPT attraction

Nox ATTRACTION WPT Official 2021

It is the most focused attack model of the Advance WPT series. In the shape of a diamond, it will suit aggressive players who want to benefit from a large output of the ball, thanks to the 3K fiberglass rough on the faces! We do not forget the comfort, with AVS anti-vibrators included in the frame.

WPT equation

Nox EQUATION WPT Official 2021

With the same foam and the same fiberglass as the Attraction, it is distinguished by its round shape and its large sweet-spot which make it manageable and easy to control!

Equation WPT Lady

Nox EQUATION LADY Official 2021

This is the ladies version of the Equation WPT, it is distinguished by its pink color, which will undoubtedly appeal to women!

WPT emotion

Nox EMOTION WPT Official 2021

It is in a way the twin sister of the Equation as they are so similar. Oversized round shape, this particularly manoeuvrable pala will offer you comfort and safety with each strike. The absence of AVS anti-vibrators will give it a slightly drier feel.

Pro Series

A range of snowshoes around the legendary ML10 Pro Cup by Miguel Lamperti. Handy, tolerant and versatile palas for players of all levels.

ML10 Pro Cup

Nox Pro Cup Corp Official 2021

Miguel Lamperti's legendary pala: round shape, HR3 foam, carbon frame and metallic fiberglass on the sides, glossy paint, for a clever mix of tolerance, ball exit, control and power!

ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Official Edition 2021

It is exactly the same pala as the one above, only its color changes. Black, to please the fans who claimed it as well!

ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition Arena

It is the youngest of the range. We are dealing with a pala similar to the two higher in terms of technology, but which is differentiated by its rough silica coating, for maximum effects!


ML10 Pro Cup Silver

It is a lighter version of the ML10 Pro Cup. With a weight of between 350 and 365g, this Silver will suit players looking for a versatile and light pala. Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver Official 2021

ML10 Pro Cup Survivor

Always the same technologies for the ML10 Survivor, with a change in the rubber. Here we find the HR3 Black foam, which will give you extra power!

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Official Survivor 2021

ML10 Pro Cup Survivor Gray

Also equipped with HR3 Black foam, this gray Survivor is on the other hand topped with a matt paint, for a different feel.

Nox Pro Cup Survivor Gray Official 2021

Casual Series

A line designed for occasional players looking for quality palas at a moderate price.


Nox DRONE Official 2021

70% carbon frame, HR3 foam, 3K fiberglass rough on the sides, a versatile pala that will delight developing players!

Weight: 360-375g

X-One C.6

Nox X-ONE Official 2021

A model for beginners and intermediates who do not want to give up quality. 30% carbon frame, professional grade HR3 foam, 3K fiberglass, a perfect pala for many players.

Weight: 360-375g

Silhouette C.6

Nox SILHOUETTE Official 2021

With its lower weight (350-365g) and its very large sweet-spot, the Silhouette will bring you great maneuverability and forgiveness, to never stop pleasing you on the track!


Ultralight Series

A range of palas, which, as its name suggests, is based on lightness, but also on flexibility, since these 3 palas incorporate HR2 soft rubber and fiberglass on the sides. The Ultralight series is intended for children who wish to evolve with models of standard size but with a weight and a handle adapted to their age.

AT10 Ultralight

Nox AT10 ULTRALIGHT Official 2021

A round shaped pala, weighing between 300 and 325 grams for young players who want to look like Agustin Tapia on the track!

ML10 Ultralight

Ultralight ML10 Nox Padel

Also round in shape, this ML10 Ultralight also weighs between 300 and 325 grams. It will delight children who are looking for maneuverability, while having the style of Miguel Lamperti!

ML10 Ultralight Silver

Ultralight ML10 Nox Padel Silver

Even more light for this ML10 Ultralight Silver which weighs between 290 and 315 grams!


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