If we often focus on snowshoes, we must not forget that shoes are very important to feel good on the track. Discover our selection of models for the practice of padel.


Adidas Ubersonic 4

Adidas Ubersonic 4 padel

Used by Ale Galan on the World Padel Tour, the Adidas Ubersonic 4 is an ultra-light shoe that will allow you to fly on the track. Thanks to its extremely comfortable slipper, it slips on like a glove! With a maximum of technologies of its own, the brand with three bands offers a high quality model.

Babolat Jet Premura

Jet Premura 2021

We no longer present them! The Babolat Jet Premura, used by number 1 Juan Lebron, come back this year with always the recipes that work. An ultra flexible and light shoe, equipped with a Michelin sole suitable for all types of surface. Once again Babolat did a great job with this model!

Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly

Bullpadel Vertex Fly shoes


Brand well known for its palas, Bullpadel continues to make its way into the footwear market. With the new Vertex Hybrid Fly, which equips Maxi Sanchez, the Spanish brand offers a model specially designed for padel, with an impeccable quality / price ratio!

Nox AT10 Lux

It's a bit of a novelty in the shoe market of padel : the arrival of Nox! The brand that equips Agustin Tapia in particular, arrives with a brand new product developed with one of the most famous podiatrists in Spain. The result is impressive, with a shoe 100% padel in which all details have been taken care of.

Head Sprint 3 Sanyo

Head Sprint 3 Sanyo white

With new shoe from magician Sanyo Gutierrez, Head once again offers a very high level shoe, which will satisfy the most demanding. The lightest model ever produced by the Austrian brand, this Sprint 3 Sanyo relies on exceptional comfort and on a maximum of technologies!

Kuikma PS 990 Dynamic

Kuikma shoes PS990 Dynamic blue yellow

It is certainly one of the pairs with the best quality / price ratio on the market. With its ultra-comfortable liner, this lightweight shoe should appeal to players who are looking above all for dynamism on the track! A shoe that clearly blew us away when we got it tested.

Wilson Kaos 3.0 Bela

KAOS 3.0 Bela Padel from Wilson seen in front

The shoes created especially for “King Bela” ! Stable, durable and comfortable at the same time, the new Kaos 3.0 Bela is a shoe of the highest level, for players looking for safety, comfort and lightness on the track. Packed with technology, Fernando Belasteguin's new shoe features high quality finishes.


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