As you know, the tracks of padel are not all the same. Are you wondering if you should have different shoes depending on the carpets used on the courts? You are in the right place !

Two main types of carpet

Carpeted terrain line WPT track

When the padel began to make a name for itself in France, there were mainly carpets with a lot of sand, and the players, who generally came from tennis, used shoes with soles made for clay, in order to avoid slipping too much. But in recent years, terrains without visible sand have started to become more and more numerous, and brands have started to manufacture shoes specially made for ski slopes. padel.

Today the builders are generally able to offer different types of terrain, and we therefore find in the clubs both slopes with visible sand and without visible sand. The difference is of course in the sliding and support. When the sand is visible, and sometimes present in too large quantities, you need a lot of grip to avoid skidding too much. But when the carpets are free of visible sand, we have much more grip, and in this case we want our shoes to prevent blockages which could cause injuries to our lower limbs. How can we reconcile the two?

New generation shoes

In reality it's very simple: by investing in shoes padel ! Today, the best brands offer models specially made for our sport, with soles designed to provide optimal grip whatever the conditions. In other words, you only have to worry about one thing: putting your shoes in your bag before your game! Whether the terrain is slippery or not will not change your comfort if you are equipped with the right model.

And the very good news is that today brands, who know how important it is to look good in your sneakers when you play padel, offer different models, more or less expensive, more or less light, more or less wide, more or less stable, for men, for women, for the youngest…

So don't hesitate to take a look at the most famous brands for their shoes. padel. Babolat, Bullpadel, Head, Kuikma, Nox, or Wilson will have everything you need for the most demanding players.

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