Like us we did it for the gentlemen, we will try to see which players could wear the blue jersey in 2024.

As the Perpignan camp draws to a close, we wonder which eight players will be chosen by coach Robin Haziza for the European Championships.

The list of players selected for the internship

  3. Jessica GINIER
  4. Carla TOULY
  5. Charlotte SOUBRIE
  6. Lucile POTHIER
  7. Fiona LIGI
  8. Tiffany PHAYSOUPHANH, replaced by Alexise DUCHÊNE
  9. Wendy BARSOTTI
  10. Elodie INVERNON
  11. Louise Bahurel
  12. Camille SIREIX
  13. Melanie ROS
  14. Laura BUTEAU
  15. Marie LEFFEVRE
  16. Melissa MARTIN

Two players above the rest

In France, we have two players who have systematically participated in the most highly rated international tournaments for several years: Alix Collombon and Léa Godallier. Those who have won the French Championships together over the last three seasons will normally once again be the spearhead of the French team.

Godallier collombon

Alix Collombon, 28th in the FIP rankings, is undoubtedly the best Frenchwoman and the boss of the team. If some fans think that she would be more useful on the left in the selection where the differences in levels between players are significant, she should, unless surprised, once again be the sheet metal player on the right side.

Léa Godallier (57FIP), although returning from pregnancy, remains the most successful Frenchwoman on the left and she will certainly be part of the team.

Ginier and Touly guaranteed to be on the trip to Cagliari?

Behind Léa and Alix, we find two players who by all logic should see Cagliari.

Carla Touly (103FIP), although never capped in blue, is now the third Frenchwoman at international level. Unless there is a surprise, she should therefore have her very first selection this year as a right-wing player.

Jessica Ginier-Pothier (111FIP), who has decided to invest fully this season and who is the fourth tricolor in the FIP ranking, should logically make her big return to the French team this year after having been absent from the last events due to maternity. This athletic left-wing player will bring all her experience to the selection of Robin Haziza.

A decisive course for several players?

Behind these two players, we find in the hierarchy two players who have been involved in international tournaments for a while and who wore the blue jersey during previous tournaments: Lucile Pothier (166FIP) and Charlotte Soubrié (187FIP). Experienced and often reliable in selection, Lucile and Charlotte, both capable of playing on the left as well as on the right, seem well on their way to being in the selected group again.

Elodie Invernon (116FIP) and Wendy Barsotti (121FIP), although ahead of Soubrié and Pothier in the international ranking, seem behind them in the hierarchy, due in particular to the lack of satisfaction they were able to give in the past with the blue jersey. We imagine that the training course will therefore be decisive for these two players.

Fiona Ligi (283FIP), less present in international tournaments than the aforementioned players, remains a safe bet on the right in France. She has experience in the blue jersey and seems to have a good chance of experiencing a new selection.

Camille Sireix (171FIP), although still a little far behind in the ranking for a player with an international project, has an interesting profile on the left and the assets to stand out during the training course. Can she achieve it?

Mélissa Martin (189FIP), despite her experience, has lacked results in recent months and her current form could cost her her place in the team.

Behind, the other players still seem to lack the experience to be able to apply for a place, and it would clearly be a surprise if one of them appeared in Robin Haziza's list.

The hierarchy appears a little less established among girls than among boys. Will the internship prove decisive? Will we have surprises and selected news? We are waiting for your opinions!

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