It's now official, Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk are separating. The Argentines will play their last tournament together in Malaga.

Lebron / Di Nenno, Yanguas / Stupa…

For the moment nothing has been confirmed by the players but everything suggests that Martin will then continue with Juan LeBron, while Stupa will turn to Miguel Yanguas. Logically, the Navarro / Lebron and Yanguas / Garrido pairs are therefore living their last moments.

So we wonder who Javi and Paquito will play with after P1 in Malaga. Given his last experience on the right, Navarro should stay on the left, and as Garrido is one of the most powerful players on the tour, he should not move to the right either. So it seems impossible to see these two on the same side of the track.

Who with Paquito? Who with Garrido?

Among the options that could be offered to the two men, we find a certain Pablo Cardona. The left-hander, despite his 32nd place, is a very attractive player, particularly given his 90 meter height, his youth and his ability to finish points with his devastating smash. Finally abandoned by Stupa who would have preferred Yanguas, Pablo could make Paquito or Garrido happy. In any case, it seems his days alongside veteran Javi Ruiz are numbered.

Pablo Cardona and Javier Ruiz victory

Jon Sanz is also a player who could suit the two Andalusians well. Left-handed, aggressive and talented, he shows interesting things with Coki Nieto but it is not yet enough to take another step forward. Will the Navarrese take the risk of breaking a pair that works rather well to find his former partner Javi or try the adventure with ex-number 1 Paquito?

Alex Ruiz could also complement one of the two men, but can he still part with his friend Momo Gonzalez, whom he has just found?

The young Edu Alonso could also have benefited from these changes, but he has just started a new project with Alex Chozas. Can he already leave the Argentinian?

Lebron's move to the left sows discord

Obviously, in the event of a separation between Coki and Jon (or Momo and Alex), Coki or Momo will then be looking for a new partner, just like Javi Ruiz if Cardona decides to set his sights on Navarro or Garrido. And here again, these are two players on the left who will look for a teammate on the right.

You have understood, if Lebron actually changes sides to play with Di Nenno (at the time of writing these lines, the probability of this happening is very, very high), a player on the left will be forced to move on. to the right. Javi Ruiz has already been there with Pablo Lijo but without real success. Coki Nieto could, with his rather defensive profile, do well on the right, but will he have the will?

For the moment, many questions and few answers…

What hierarchy after Malaga?

Logically, the two pairs which currently dominate the padel world, Coello / Tapia and Galan / Chingotto, will still be the most prolific after the P1 in Malaga. Behind, however, everything is bound to change and it is difficult to see clearly until we know exactly who is going to play with whom.

Franco Stupaczuk and Miguel Yanguas have games that seem quite compatible, and they will systematically be serious candidates for the last four. In terms of individual level, Lebron and Di Nenno, who will start as a number 3 pair, do not have much to envy them, but will the repositioning of the native of Cadiz work from the start?

Behind it, it remains to be seen who the teammates of Garrido and Navarro will be, but we say that pairs like Gonzalez / Ruiz or Nieto / Sanz, if they are still relevant, will be able to hope to take advantage of the many changes to do well in the game. .

So, who do you think will be the next teams to break up? Who will be the Top 8 pairs after Malaga P1?

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