Since the season kicked off in Saudi Arabia, several duos have undergone changes. Who are the best current teams? What are the point spreads? Focus on the 12 best-ranked duos internationally.

Arturo Coello (1) and Agustin Tapia (3): 23 points

Just two extra-terrestrials. Authors of a resounding start to the year with three titles won (Doha, Acapulco, Puerto Cabello), Coello and Tapia reign on the circuit. They seem to be back for another year at the top, but before that, the Argentinian will have to regains his second place in the world.

Arturo Coello Agustin Tapia Brussels P2

Alejandro Galan (2) and Federico Chingotto (8): 18 points

No doubt : the duo of the moment is “Chingalan” ! By teaming up with “Super Raton”, Ale Galan made no mistake. The two friends have a string of successes (Brussels, Seville) and assert themselves as the main opponents of Coello/Tapia. To the point of stealing their limelight? To be continued…

Victory Chingalan

Juan LeBron (4) and Paquito Navarro (7): 17 points

Lebron and Paquito are back on the track together, five years after their exploits on the WPT. If the first results remain a little disappointing for the moment (half in Seville), the Andalusians know it: they have the talent to compete with anyone. Now it's up to them to show it on the track.

Lebron Galan smiles embrace Sevilla P2 2024

Martin Di Nenno (5) and Franco Stupaczuk (6): 17 points

Mixed start for the “Superpibes”. Finalists in Andalusia, Martin and Stupa are still chasing their first coronation in 2024. They seem to be slightly behind, but be careful: burying them would be a big mistake.

di nenno stupa 2024

Fernando Belasteguin (9) and Juan Tello (13): 8 points

This may be one of the most exciting pairs of 2024. After his disappointing stage with Capra and his package in Belgium, King Bela carried out his baptism of fire with Tello in Seville. A first which ended with an elimination in the eighth, but be patient, their adventure has only just begun...

Bela Tello first victory P2 Sevilla 2024

Mike Yanguas (11) and Javi Garrido (12): 7 points

On paper, their association promised to be explosive as could be. Impressive in Qatar and Belgium, Yanguas and Garrido, the two hotheads of Premier Padel, like to tickle the favorites. Even if it means, sometimes, increasing the pressure, like in Doha…

garrido yanguas

Momo Gonzalez (14) and Alex Ruiz (15): 6 points

The game of musical chairs allowed the two men, already together in the past, to restart a new story. So far the pair has only played two tournaments. And after the disappointment in Brussels (16th), the Andalusians recovered a little in Seville (quarters). Will they be able to gain a little more power during P2 in Asunción?

Momo Gonzalez Alex Ruiz smiles P2 Brussels 2024

Sanyo Gutierrez (10) and Maxi Sanchez (19): 6 points

2013, 2018, and now 2024. For their third joint chapter, the two Argentinians have a well-established objective: to move up the rankings, like Sanchez who gained two places in two weeks. They also hope to secure a ticket for a first semi-final this season.

MAxi Sanchez and Sanyo Guttierez 2024

Coki Nieto (16) and Jon Sanz (18): 6 points

Highly visible in Venezuela and Belgium, the Madrilenian and the Navarrese are nevertheless coming out of a poor performance in Andalusia, with an ouster from the 32es of final. In Paraguay, they will need to regain confidence.

Victor Ruiz (20) and Lucas Bergamini (21): 4 points

Those who started the year as seed 8 have not really confirmed the good things shown in 2023. After three 16es and two 32es, the Spaniard and the Brazilian will have to move up a gear to stabilize in the world top 20.

Victor Ruiz Bergamini discussion 2023

Alex Arroyo (23) and Eduardo Alonso (29): 3 points

On the one hand, phenomenal power, on the other, an extraordinary vision of the game. After a very satisfactory debut together last year on the WPT, the two young Spaniards are already confirming the expectations placed on them. Their successful start to the season (three consecutive quarters in Riyadh, Doha and Acapulco) has dazzled more than one...

Arroyo Alonso claps his hand premier padel 2024

Francisco Gil (24) and Ramiro Moyano (27): 3 points

They are one of the rare duos who have decided to continue together, despite sometimes irregular results. Relatively erased since the recovery (two 16es in Acapulco and Brussels as best results), the two acolytes are banking on their beautiful relationship to finally try to shine again on the international scene. Can they achieve it?

Ramiro Moyano xisco gil 2023

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