Since the launch of the season in Saudi Arabia, several pairs have been modified on the Premier Padel. Who are the current teams? What are the point spreads? After the gentlemen, zoom on the 12 highest ranked international seeds for women.

Ariana Sanchez (1) and Paula Josemaria (1): 24 points

49 finals played, 29 titles won, and records in spades. For their fourth year at the zenith, “Magic Ari” and “Paula Dinamita” have every intention of retaining their throne. Sacred in Riyadh and Doha, they want to go a little further into the history of padel feminine when lifting a 30th cup together.

Paula Josemaria Ariana Sanchez

Bea Gonzalez (3) and Delfi Brea (4): 18 points

They are currently the only ones capable of eclipsing the world number 1s, and their last duel clearly proved it. The most prolific pair of the first quarter of the season for the ladies, Gonzalez / Brea acquired three successes in a row (Puerto Cabello, Brussels, Seville). Attention: the “Superpibas” have found their cruising speed…

Delfi Brea Bea Gonzalez Brussels P2

Gemma Triay (5) and Claudia Fernandez (15): 12 points

After his adventures with Salazar and Ortega, Triay chose to join forces with Claudia Fernandez. A real change of dimension for the 18-year-old Spaniard, who has since gained nine places in the ranking and played in two finals. His progress bodes well for this pair who are seeking a first title.

Claudia Fernandez Gemma Triay Brussels P2

Alejandra Salazar (7) and Tamara Icardo (9): 10 points

Their union at the end of 2023 did not surprise many people, as the two women seemed complementary. Both have suffered long injuries in the past, and now they are hungry for revenge. After the final lost in Venezuela, their mission is clear: rediscover the taste of victory.

Tamara Icardo Ale Salazar

Marta Ortega (6) and Veronica Virseda (14): 10 points

Since their semi-final in Qatar for their first joint tournament, Martita and Veronica have been more discreet. The two Iberian internationals are stuck in the quarterfinals and are waiting to experience a first final in 2024. Will they be able to gain momentum?

New Pareja 2024 Virseda Ortega

Jessica Castello (8) and Claudia Jensen (11): 9 points

Alix Collombon's former teammate lives again alongside the little left-handed girl. Titled in Mexico two months earlier, Castello and Jensen established themselves among the outsiders to follow during each stage of the Premier Padel. They hope to get closer to the top 4.

jensen castello victory mexico

Sofia Araujo (10) and Virginia Riera (12): 8 points

Five years after their first successes together on the WPT, the Portuguese and the Argentine are making their comeback. A reunion marked by a final in Acapulco and a semi-final in Puerto Cabello. Will they be able to win a title this season? This promises to be difficult, because the competition is tough ahead of them.

riera araujo 2024 P2 sevilla

Lucia Sainz (16) and Patricia Llaguno (17): 5 points

The Spanish veterans (40 and 39 years old) still have energy, but they are coming up against their limits. Indeed, they remain on a series of… five consecutive quarters, from Doha to Seville. So, when will we get a place in the final four?


Aranzazu Osoro (13) and Carmen Goenaga (20): 5 points

Abandoned by Vero Virseda, the “Vikinga” now plays with the young Goenaga. The new pair, which is off to a perfect start, with only one quarter in Mexico, has yet to find its feet. We expect more for the future.

Goenaga Osoro nueva pareja 2024 premier padel

Alejandra Alonso (21) and Andrea Ustero (27): 2 points

The future stars of padel, these are them. As their epic adventure in Acapulco proved, the two “pala” prodigies (born in 2006 and 2007) impress with their precocity. Catchy, enterprising and consistent, they are undeniably on the path to a promising future.

Ustero Alonso smiles 2023

Lorena Rufo (24) and Bea Caldera (31): 2 points

This is the most recent duo. After knowing four changes of partners in a few months, Rufo continues his season with this aggressive right-wing player full of ambition. They are counting on the Asunción P2 to really get started.

Lorena Rufo Bea Caldera

Ana Catarina Nogueira (25) and Marta Talavan (26): 2 points

Place for safety and balance for Madrilenian Talavan, who opted for a new experience with the Portuguese number 2. Not very successful so far, the two players will have to raise their level to shake up the favorites.

Nogueira Talavan

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