Are you wondering which duos have been the most prolific since the beginnings of padel professional ? Discover the top 10 most successful pairs since the birth of the World Padel Tour in 2013!

Unfortunately, the titles of Padel Pro Tour, the circuit which preceded the WPT, are not taken into account. But that doesn't mean we should forget them. In the padel, there was a before and after Juan Martin Diaz / Fernando Belasteguin. Both players hold a stratospheric record of 627 unbeaten days with the key 94 consecutive wins. Considered by many fans of padel as “the best pair in history”, the JMD / Bela doublet won 115 titles, including 19 on the World Padel Tour.

Top 10 best pairs for men

1.Bela / Lima (2015-2019)35
2.Galan/Lebron (2020-2023)33
3.Coello / Tapia (2023-…)21
4.Bela / Juan Martin Diaz(2013-2014)19
5.Maxi Sanchez / Sanyo Gutierrez (2013-2019)18
6.Paquito / Sanyo Gutierrez(2016-2017)8
7.Stupaczuk / Di Nenno (2023-…)7
8.Paquito / Di Nenno (2021-2022)6
9.Sanyo Gutierrez / Tapia(2021-2022)6
10.Juani Mieres / Lima (2013-2014)5

Top 10 most successful pairs for women

1.Mapi and Majo Alayeto (2013-2023)32
2.Josemaria / Sanchez (2021-…)32
3.Salazar / Triay (2021-2023)23
4.Marrero/Salazar (2015-2018)16
5.Sainz / Triay (2016-2020)12
6.Brea / González (2023-…)12
7.Salazar / Sanchez (2019-2020)8
8.Marrero / Ortega (2019-2020)7
9.Llaguno / Amatriain (2013-2020)4
10.Iciar Montes / Salazar (2013-2014)4

At P2 in Genoa, Italy, Josemaria and Sanchez could equal the Alayeto sisters' record of 32 titles.

Vincent Gallie

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