Among our colleagues atAnalystsPadel, Fernando Belasteguin, the iconic former world number 1, gave his opinion on the best players in different categories. King Bela, who will end his career at the end of this year, played the game by giving the names of those who in his eyes had the best smash, the best bandeja, the best lob… He also reveals who he thinks are the most underrated players like the Spaniards Javi Ruiz or Javi Rico.

In this long interview lasting more than a quarter of an hour, Fernando Belasteguin talked about the best players in each category. For example, when we talk to him about best smash, Bela cites his former teammates in particular Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello...

He who has evolved for a long time on the professional circuit, and who is almost considered a piece of furniture in the padel world, has not only evolved with the big stars of today and he does not forget former champions like Reca, Nerone, Gattiker or Lasaigues.

Fernando Belasteguin also lends himself to the game of admitting with which players he would have liked to share the track: a certain Lebron, and a certain Galan !

In terms of news, it also reassures his physical state and discusses his new association with Juan Tello. As you certainly know, alongside the Argentinian, Bela is attempting a second stage on the right after that with Agustín Tapia.

Bela still has a few tournaments to play this season before bowing out. His departure will undoubtedly leave a huge void.. So much so that King Bela would like not to have tributes at each tournament, as might be desired by the organizers. The Argentine, however, would like to be celebrated in three places: in Argentina, Madrid and Barcelona.

For those who speak Spanish, here is the video in its entirety:
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