Tamara Icardo, nicknamed “Tama”, is the 9th player in the world in the FIP ranking and evolves, in this 2024 season, alongside a certain Alejandra Salazar

Tamara Icardo plays on the left and hasn't had a very easy career. Injured several times, she had to take time for herself before being able to return to the slopes, each time at her best level. Today, alongside Ale Salazar, the Valencian seems to have found serenity and determination!

Child and already a racket in hand

Tamara Icardo was born on 10th October, 1995 in Valencia (Spain). She started playing racquet sports when she was just six years old. However, it is not towards the padel that the young player turns first… but towards tennis. However, the majority of his family was much more oriented towards the padel.

It was his brother who initiated his transition to our sport. He gave him a few lessons and above all passed on his passion for 20x10.

For years, Tamara continued to train diligently, while establishing herself as a promise of padel Valencian. Parallel to her rise, the young player continued her studies. She later even obtained a teaching diploma.

Tamara Icardo Young

A checkered career

When she was 18, Tamara Icardo joined forces with Lorena Figueres, with whom she remained for three years. For two years, the Icardo/Figueres pair managed not to lose any competition, breaking records in the Federation of padel of the Valencian Community.

During her early career among the pros, Sergio's sister will know various partners, such as Sara Ruiz Soto, Marta Talavan or the veteran Esther Lasheras. But it is with Sandra Hernandez that Tamara's career will take another turn. The two players who joined forces in 2018 will make a name for themselves with the general public, notably with a victory against the world number 2 at the time, Ari Sanchez and Alejandra Salazar at the WOpen in Santander.

After two great years together, the Spanish separated and it was in 2021 that Icardo would really change dimension, when she joined forces with a certain Delfina Brea. Indeed, during their first season together, “Delfi and Tama” win two titles : the first in Santander, the second in Valencia. A “home” victory for Tama, against the world number 1s, Ale Salazar and Gemma Triay.

Despite these only two titles – and two lost finals as well – they managed to climb to third place in the world, behind Triay/Salazar and Josemaria/Sanchez.


Despite these good results, the year 2021 will be difficult for Tamara Icardo who suffers froma hand injury, forcing him off the tracks for a while.

In 2022, again alongside Delfi Brea, the results do not come. Tama is still weakened and the two players only manage to competeonly one final, once again in Valencia. But this time, they will be beaten by Triay/Salazar. The Brea/Icardo pair dropped out of the world top 5 and, at the end of the year, the two players decide to separate.

Icardo's return to the forefront

In 2023, its new association with Virginia Riera will do a lot of good for Valencia. If once again, she will not be titled, she finds her way to the finals three times. Tama, who points to the 18th place in the world, will still be seeded 8 alongside the experienced Argentinian.

Despite a good year, the pair separated and finally, we found Tamara Icardo with Alejandra Salazar. A very interesting pair, who is causing a sensation at the start of the season, having already been able to play a final, in Puerto Cabello (in addition to several semi-finals).

A beautiful alchemy is born between the two players, which can only do good for the Valencienne. Now Tamara only needs one thing: win a new title. Without success in the final since 2021, Tama must find the time long.

However, alongside an exceptional player like Alejandra Salazar, perhaps she will achieve it in 2024.

Tamara Icardo Ale Salazar
Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.