From the announcement of the separation between Franco Stupaczuk (n7) and Martin Di Nenno (n6), rumors continue to grow on the planet padel.

For the moment, everything suggests that Di Nenno will play with Lebron (n5), that Stupa will play with Yanguas (n10), and that Paquito Navarro (n8) will bet on the young Pablo Cardona (n31).

In addition to Javi Ruiz who loses Cardona, another player finds himself without a partner, a certain Javi Garrido. We are still talking about the current 11th in the world rankings, a young player (23 years old), powerful and making full progress.

However, as on several occasions in the past, Javi is ousted by his teammate. This was the case with Chingotto, who left him for Navarro, with Sanz, who preferred a short stage with Ale Galan, and it is now the case with Yanguas who leaves him for Stupa.

Obviously, Javi should not find a partner higher ranked than Yanguas in the immediate future, but he can still find happiness among the other players in the Top 20. The first option would certainly be to return with Jon Sanz (n17), but will the Navarrese want to leave Coki Nieto (n16) with whom he has been involved for a while now and with whom he has shown good regularity?

Alex Ruiz (n14) would also be interesting for Garrido, but can the native of Malaga, who has just gotten back together with his friend Momo Gonzalez, already let his compatriot down?

If the two left-handers decide to focus on stability, Javi can always find a teammate of choice in Edu Alonso (n25). Like him, Edu is young, making progress and he provides certain guarantees. The 23-year-old is a little far behind in the rankings but he has great potential. Associated with Chozas (n47) recently, he will certainly have no problem breaking his pair.

Fans are also thinking of Bergamini (n20), whose project with Victor Ruiz seems to be running out of steam, or also of Sanyo (n13), who has just signed up with Arroyo (n19) but who could bet on another young man on his arm overpowering…

So in your opinion, which of these options is the most likely for the Cordoba native?

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